2019 Federal Election

The 2019 Federal Government Election has been called for Saturday the 18th of May.

This election you will have a choice to make.

A choice between the Coalition and our track record of:

  • stability
  • a strong economy
  • supporting and growing the small business sector
  • record job creation
  • record investment in healthcare and education
  • keeping our nation safe and secure

The alternative choice is Bill Shorten’s Labor party:

  • led by unions
  • a party that will weaken our economy
  • raise taxes by $200 billion
  • hasn’t delivered a surplus since 1989

It’s up to you what you want to see for the future of this country and our great electorate of Bonner.

I’m continually working hard to support our local businesses, residents and community organisations. Click here to see how I’m delivering for you and your family in Bonner. 

2019 澳洲联邦大选时间已定于5月18日。